Organization of Pharmaceutical Unity with BioAllied Sciences (OPUBS) are pleased to announce All time open  Talent Contest


PharmaShine , which is organised by OPUBS 


Our group is coming up with an innovative way to Publish your research work with development of a high quality scientist in you.

Generally, due to lack of guidance and exposure many of our talented students/researchers are not able to publish in good journals and end up publishing in sub standard journals. Some of them have good concepts for research or product but no further guidance.

Not all journals with tag International are Journal of International repute. Our Team will identify such talented people and assign them to establishing or established professionals to come up with a good publication.

If there is any publication cost involved then OPUBS Members will pay it from their end. Overall the publication will be free to deserving and talented candidates.

Just keep the good work and we will help you for free.

Contact us with your concept and abstract if you believe that you can met International Standard.

This will be like a contest, which will always be open for deserving people. Contact us with your abstract and view and our team of experts will guide you with whole process.

All the Best…



For any query, please contact us at info [at]

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