Manuscript Editing Services

OPUBS Manuscript Editing Services

Manuscript Editing Services

Manuscript Editing Services from OPUBS provides a new outlook to your scientific manuscript. The manuscript is prepared as per international guidelines for submission to peer reviewed Journals. Manuscript is Edited by specialist editors from various scientific disciplines. If you wish to publish articles in our journals then you will be provided with special discounts. Our team comprises experienced editors with experience of editing Journals and Books across a wide range of subjects. On the basis of our varied experience, our Editorial team ensures that we are able to offer you the best in terms of editorial services.



Our Services

Our manuscript editing services include :

  • Reviewing literature
  • Scientific research papers
  • PG and PhD Dissertations
  • Data analysis
  • Abstracts for conferences etc

OPUBS can assist you in preparing your scientific manuscripts as per the specific journal guidelines. We will take your rough drafts or data and convert them to internationally accepted complete manuscripts. We have a vast mix of manuscript writers from varied scientific backgrounds.

Our manuscript editing services can improve the overall quality of your scientific manuscript.

We offer various scientific services.

OPUBS will work closely with you. The editor will discuss all minute details with you to reduce the time and increase the accuracy. We edit the manuscript for language and also assist you in designing and analyzing the research study.

Our clients rating for our manuscript editing services is 10/10.

We are sure you will be of same opinion once you work with us. For more information and a quote, contact us.

Things we Deals with

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Our services:

  • Scientific abstract preparation for conferences etc

  • Manuscript editing services for scientific and research papers

  • Posters and powerpoint presentations preparation

  • Promotional material

  • Online content preparation etc.

This is not only the list of services we provide. For any specialized work please feel free to contact us.

Contact Us

Please send your requirement at info [at] or opubs9 [at]

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